Well after numerous computer crashes and trips to the library only to find the movie taken out, I was finally able to sit down and watch what everyone in class found so funny. 

 Now as far as Cho’s comedy is concerned she is original in her own way. Some of her jokes were very predictable and her word use was a little edgy. I know she loves gay people and all but Im sure many would find her use of the word fag to be offensive. Regardless, her perspective when looking at issues such as sex, race, and family were very original and timely.

My favorite part of her act was when she focused on Chippendale dancers. This was a dead on accurate observation that I do not think many can argue.These men are dancers because A. They like the money B. They love to dance. C. They like being around other muscle guy dancers who can relate to them. I think back to my friend Michelles 21st birthday. Her friends hired her two male strippers who arrived at the party typically dressed like two police officers. I pitied their unoriginality. I mean why cant a stripper show up dressed as the Hamburglar or even Micky Mouse? Its all going to end up with nudity in the end so who cares where it starts? Anyway, as their performance progressed I noticed how much fun these two guys were having. Not with the customer but with each other. This vision then flashed me back to the summer of 1996 when I went to California with a few friends. One morning we woke up early to go surfing and arrived to a perfectly empty beach and great waves. As my friends and I got ready my buddy asked if I would put suntan lotion on his back. I froze up. And then I said no. Even after my friend pleaded with me I still said no just because touching another guys shirtless back is just a little uncomfortable for me. But that’s just me. It was not a matter of people thinking I’m gay or the thought that maybe id end up liking it and then have some weird obsession with guys and suntan lotion the rest of my life. But it was neither. Even on an empty beach I did not want to touch my friends muscly back. Now fast forward a few year to my friends party, these two strippers were rubbing oil all over each other and having a jolly time. These two events in my life never added up until I began thinking that most male strippers must be gay. Cho confirmed this belief. Yet I feel that she would have a field day with my refusal to help out a friend by just putting some lotion on his back. Would this refusal be some sort of reversal gender performance. A gender anti-performace?

One connection that was solidified with Cho was her connection to Foucault. His idea of the shift that takes place with the discourse of sexual confessions is apparent in the words of Cho. We can clearly observe a massive shift in the whole concept of a sexual confession. From the ages of sexual acts being whispered in the confession booths at church to a grown woman graphically explaining her sexual experiences. Taking this a step further she is making a living off of these confessions, they are marketed and then shipped all over the world. The media alone lets her confessions be archived and watched at anytime. Foucault would definitely take this shift as a massive change in the way sex is discussed in society.