Horkheimer and Adorno have a little too much time on their hands I think. Yes they do bring up a valid point about the way society does nothing but repeat ideas that work until they are dead. This is why we have Die hard 4 coming out. This is why we have Indiana Jones 4 coming out even though Harrisson Ford doesn’t even remember doing the first three. Yet, by calling the movie audience victims, I feel that these two crumb bumbs have crossed the line.

Movies to me are a very strong outlet for expression. I have been filming and acting since I was 12 and these two guys are just like the drunk ones I find myself arguing at parties. Yes, it is true, television and film are nothing but instruments controlled by the industry to pump billions of dollars out of the people each year.  But within this corrupt system of power and exploitation their is something still pure that can be seen if only you take a second to look. On page 1229 they say “the culture industry remains the entertainment business . Its influence over the consumers is established by entertainment” Without a doubt the entertainment media has a lot of power over the consumers. The fact that I would throw myself in front of a bullet to protect Christopher Walken or Steve Buscemi shows the strength of this power. But movies are not some tool of culture control and are not as evil as these guys make it out to be. I think the key is to filtering the ones that do nothing but brainwash the masses and search hard for the ones that can stimulate your senses and motivate yourself to do something new. Movies are an escape but they can also present an image through time that any morphed society can relate to. As literature shaped the way we view the past, movies will without a doubt shape the way the future views our time. We do not go to the movies against our own will, we go with the hope to have some fun and by chance see something unique and original for our time. In the grand scheme of things all ideas have been done before (SIMPSONS DID IT!) but relating all these stories to our time is what makes the originality pure. Victims we are not but participants in something that has the potential to be original and influential. We adapt to our ever changing times and our art mirrors these changes as well.