Instead of being able to attend the symposium I was kissing ass to Manhattenites at my second job which is at a horse farm in Old Chatem. As these rich snobs make their monthly trip up North for a riding lesson I get the feeling the true intentions of this hobby are just to be seen in the elevator wearing the polished riding outfit and matching gloves. God…I hate these people.

Instead I was able to see a taped version of a play from Hudson Valley called “Wheres Julie” This emotional dark comedy was a look into a families reaction to a young pregnant daughter breaking the news to her family which consist of a mentally handicapped son obsessed with Nintendo, an alcoholic abusive father, a weed dealing gangster son in law, and a housewife who turns her back to all the families problems and keeps on playing the role of the happy housewife.  The show definitely had its funny moments but also dealt with dark issues present in many American families. trying to tie this show into some of our theorists was a difficult task but Fanon and Rubin came to mind as this families downfall was laid out on stage. Jameson snuck into this show as well with that ever repeating phrase “history repeats itself” In this play the weaknesses of the parents can be seen in the decision making of the kids and how this effects both sides. this families problems are not resolved but mearly covered up with a band aid. Only to resurface again after only a short while. Fanon would have something to say about the identity roles the mother thought she was upholding. even though her husband was abusive to the entire family, she knew only to play the devote wife who always agrees with the husbands final saying. The husband had a warped sense of identity through his way of controlling the wife into submission. since she played the at home wife, he would threaten to leave her and force her to raise the family on her own. this fear of abandonment is what keeps her silent and contribute to the downfall of this American family.

I know this is had to relate without seeing the play but my problem may also lie in not wanting to sound like im just bending the ideas of these theorists just to make it fit what I saw. Hopefully these connections are clear and can be seen like I did.