As it nears 1 am I finally finished the fascinating works of Judith Butler and I must say I am wiped out. Just when I began to understand where she was going with something i would lose the momentum due to sarcasm or wording something she was actually against. I know these are typical problems one has while reading theorists but I found it extra annoying here.

Now when she began to go into “inner and outer” i was immediately haunted by the echoing words “The Center is not the center”. After I wiped the sweat from my forehead I continued on. Her choice to use the word “trouble” was very interesting as I think of Northern Ireland when I think of “troubles’ but when dealing with sexual identity i did not know if it was really the appropriate word. Now as Butler continues on I found her reference to Hairsprayto be helpful. Any reference to a movie or Tv show I find extremely helpful. On page 2491 Butler writes ” The sex gender distinction and the category of sex itself appear to presuppose a generalization of the “body” that preexists the acquisition of its sexed significance.” This is true when looking at her ideas on how the body is a passive medium. The bodies of men and women are obviously different and this form itself can instill a sense of dominance which is mental. She brings up the these differences as well as the ones between mental sex and physical sex. When this was brought up I thought of the 90’s Stallone blockbuster Demolition Man where he and Sandra Bullock have literally mental sex with the aid of these two brainwave helmets. Nothing really to connect with his but just thought id bring it up. Well speaking of mental sex I am mentally exhausted. I retire now but will buff this post up tomorrow to make it a little prettier.