Michael Foucaults “The History of Sexuality” challenged my judgment skills on what exactly could be DEFINED as a funny and witty title and what would be viewed as offensive. This concept of defining a word and how this view can shift dramatically from person to person is very intriguing. What one finds funny another can find horribly offensive. That’s just the way it is with the topic of sex in language form.  But this concept takes on a whole new meaning when analyzed in the field of sex and society.  Foucault really lays it on us for being a very perverse group of people.Men are pigs I guess. But its not our fault natures just doing its thing. I just heard the faint echoes of Jessee Spano yelling at AC Slater for making a pig-headed-sexist comment. Ahhh those were the days…Bayside High for life…Anyway,  One aspect of this that was a little confusing was his view towards the spread of this idea. He mentions the confessional booths on page 1650. “Not only will you confess to acts contravening he law, but you will seek to transform your desire, into discourse.” It just seems that this is exactly how the idea spreads. If people are forced to tell about their every hidden secret then this produces an environment in which it is acceptable as long as you don’t talk about it and try to stop. “try” is a funny little word when ti comes to the confessional booths. We are all sinners so we ll “try” to be good. I really like the word try sometimes.

“Men multiply like the yields from the ground and in proportion to the advantages and resources they find in their labors.” (1653)  Rubin immediately popped up in my mind. Right after this Foucault also says “the manner in which each individual made use of his sex”  This is true in many aspects of life, women use what they have and so do men. An individuals sex does come with advantages and disadvantages but they do exist and many take advantage of them. Rubin would point this out and show how this concept has transformed over the past hundred years. The fact that everyone has a different idea of sexuality in general is the downfall to understanding its use in language.