David…David…David….What have you got yourself into? As I continued on with this novel I was becoming more confused with David than ever. The decisions he makes and his choice of words are so stubborn and arrogant I want to pull my hair out.

His performance at the school hearing was an absolute joke. I have never seen someone act like they have nothing to loose. And if I have learned anything from good movies it’s this “Never trust a guy who acts like he’s got nothing to lose.” -Frank Costello (The Departed)This could not be more true for David. His actions and mindset were of a man who was planning on hanging himself as soon as he arrived home that night. Yet, David chooses to dodge as much of the embarrassment of a media frenzy as possible admit that he was guilty of whatever Melanie was claiming.       David  used to walk down the halls of his school with his head held high, now he finds himself hiding out far away with his tail between his legs in the care of his daughter.

While taking a closer look at the relationship between Lucy and her father I wondered how she would react if she knew about her own father’s warped view towards women or intimacy in general.  Or better yet, how would David react if one of Lucy’s professors did this to her? Would he understand the urges of a lonely man experiencing the turbulence of a mid-life crisis? Or would he confront that man with the fury of an enragedfather? Most likely these thoughts have never slipped into the mind of this “deep thinker”. It is quite obvious that Gayle Rubin would have a field day picking the mind of David and his outlook towards the opposite sex.

Davids pilgrimage to South Africa is hopefully his chance to find redemption and perhaps find whatever it is he is looking for.  One connection that I feel he made so far was towards the abandoned dog he begins to sympathize with. Like the dog, David was abandoned by numerous women and now lives alone with his healthy dinners and classical music. Not to far off from the dull cage the dog calls home. My favorite quote so far is one that gives us some insight into the mind of Mr. Lurie. “It is admirable what you do…but to me animal welfare people are a bit like Christians of a certain kind. Everyone is so cheerful and well intentioned that after a while you itch to go off and do some raping and pillaging. Or to kick a cat (page 74)

As I continue on I will update the ongoing saga of David and his desperate attempt to salvage any decency he may still have left.