It was definitely a pleasant change to read an actual novel for this course but I’m sticking with the argument that having some graphic pictures to go along with the story is always better. For all you Watchmen haters out there I know you’ll get all sentimental halfway through this novel when you suddenly get the urge to see a giant,bald headed, naked, silver guy. I doubt you’ll see any of that in Disgrace but we’ll see.

So far I must say this book is very intriguing. Very sadly I see David as a spitting image of my father. But that’s a whole other can of beans to open up. Lets just hope the similarities don’t start to continue. But his obsessive tendencies and thought process paint a spitting image of the ol’ man.  Its obvious that David has a problem thinking with his penis. Again I think back to Seinfeld and get an image of Jerry’s brains and penis playing an intense game of chess.  But the brain can very easily be deceived and before you know it you are in a rough situation that your brain would never have let happen. Everyone does stupid things in the heat of the moment and I think back to wise words I once heard when I was young from my brother who was trying to give me advice. He said “Sometimes the little head tells the big head what to do and that sometimes the big head should think twice about it” I didn’t get it then but I get it now and I’m sure someone should have told David this a long time ago. Now his job and reputation are at risk and all for a hot fling. Its obvious Melanie has a few loose circuits because this chick seriously can’t make up her mind. Was she planning this the whole time or is the girl just crazy?

As far as Soraya I really don’t know what to say about her. She is obviously involved in something thats way to big for her to handle. Maybe twenty year olds are not as mature as they sometimes think. With the added stress of a creepy nutcase boyfriend and her parents breathing down her neck, Im sure shes not playign with a full deck.  As far as relating this to our theorists I am at a complete blank. I tried to get some ideas stirring but I really couldnt produce anything worth reading. Im sure a sizzling class discussion will help beef up this blog after I hear some other ideas.