As I reflected back upon my numerous past blogs that still shimmer with such a brilliance that I needed shades just to read them, I thought “Wow I still have no idea how it all fits together…Am I really just not getting it?”.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who is thinking this but its about time we start fitting all these little pieces together so that the ‘big picture’ can be seen.

As far as reflecting back I definitely have seen myself open up to this crazy world of theory. The first week I felt very stubborn towards the readings and felt isolated in the sense that I was not understanding them whatsoever. The terror of participating in a class discussion was high after every reading. I was wondering how I would pull off participating in a class discussion when I didn’t even know what I had just read or how to voice my opinion if I wasnt even sure I was on the same page as the rest. Yet as time went on I grew very comfortable with voicing even the smallest new idea that I could muster up. I recommend doing this to anyone who feels they do not participate as much as they should. Because even the smallest concept can really get the ball rolling  and the conversations get turned into dissecting some of the more confusing parts.This is connected with the small groups because this is a great opportunity for non public speakers to get any problems off their chest. I feel I open up more in group work and some of my left field ideas are accepted graciously.  Our class discussion and small group work is by far the foundation of putting this confusing stuff all together.

Two tools that have also became very helpful in   dealing with theory are the Barry book as well as Wikipedia. These sources clear up some of the blurry material as well as give decent backgruond information on some of the authors. Background info is a great way to see which paradigm the author is writing in.

I feel that The Watchmen was the turning point in which I started to feel that I was on the same page as the rest of the class.  My blogs began to start digging a little deeper into the material instead of just exposing some of the ideas that were clearly on the surface. My blogs have definitely progressed over the past few weeks. In the beginning of the semester my blogs  started off “I have no idea what I just read…” and soon progressed to “I have no idea what I just read but here’s what i think…” Hopefully this pattern will stay consistent and I will be able to analyze larger, more difficult material and present an educated opinion with confidence.

It seems that our skills will be tested as we continue on and tackle an actual novel. The idea of applying this stuff to a novel without pictures is enough terror for one night. Yet by using theory and not have it use us, we will be able to take these new concepts and apply them to any piece of writing we encounter in the future.