I found Louis Althusser rather obnoxious because he kept asking questions to himself and then answering them. I do believe this was a character on Seinfeld in which Elane dates a guy who keeps a conversation going by asking questions to himself and then answering them. Althusser definitely has the same thing going on here. Not a very smooth way of talking…But should I go on with my piece? Ok. Do I think it’s good? Of course not.

Althusser starts off by explaining a very complex concept into a few sentences. This starts out by his first of many questions, “What is the reproduction of the conditions of production? …The process of production sets to work the existing  productive forces  in and under definite relations of production” Now what does this mean? I don’s know. From what I can figure out is he simply trying to find the pattern and consistency of a typical social formation. The key to its porduction  and how this always remain the same. He also is looking to find the problem that is keeping our reproduction levels from performing at an optimum level. Does this sound like mumbo jumbo to you as well? I agree. But I figured I d keep reading and give this guy a chance.

One thing that I did like was how he decided to analyze the school system and how they help the means of reproduction. With each passing generation, the powers that be do not want the means of reproduction to change, therefore they keep the school system values the same and pass down similar ways of viewing the world to ensure that certain ideologies live on. It seems that Althusser views this system as a brainwashing machine that should really be examined more closely. If so, then reading this material in school is part of the brainwashing machine and I should reject it. Which I really want to do. This guy would definilty be a Pink Floyd fan as he asks himself “Am I really just another brick in the wall?”

The rest I really need more time to swallow. I am seriously afraid to comment on some of the more in depth stuff at risk of sounding like a glue sniffing schitzo…