In honor of the deep quotes that followed the end of each chapter I decided I would conclude The Watchmen with my own…

“Sometimes the lights all shinin’ on me;          Other times I can barely see                                Lately it occurs to me…what a long strange trip it’s been…” (Jerry Garcia)

I find this fitting due to the complexity of some of the themes present in this novel. At times it was quite clear and easy to see the connections to our theorists but often it was very hard to understand the “deeper meaning”. Yet, to say the least, it was quite an unusual journey. With that said I have some questions and thoughts I’d like to get off my chest.

For starters, I would like to comment on the rationale behind Laurie’s “urges”. It seems like she has some weird sexual fascination with having relations at very inappropriate times. The reasoning behind this is still a mystery to me.

Veidt’s plan was finally exposed and I thought it was rather elaborate. As Rorschach stated earlier “In order to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs” This is basically the foundation of Veidt’s plan. His goal is to create a new Utopia and rule over a world that would mirror mans greatest qualities. Yet the obvious problem arises when the price for this Utopia is millions of innocent lives. Now as warped as his plan is I can look beyond the craziness and see where he felt he was doing the world a favor. If society remains on the current path then without a doubt sooner or later, we will destroy ourselves. So in order to preserve the decency left in mankind Veidt puts into action a plan that will garuntee him salvation. It can be seen that this plan does reflect the ideas displayed by Hitler in WW2. Adolf’s vision of a Areian race was his idea of preserving the good left in mankind and the solution for the rest is extermination. The madness is apparent in both but in each of their warped minds,they think they are doing good.