Well as everyone knows there is an awful lot to digest throughout these last chapters. I can tell already that our class discussion will resemble the last one due to the amount of “stuff” that takes place regarding the new twists and turns this story takes. A few things that deserve particular notice are ones that we have already begun to dissect.  A. The parallel story of The Black Frieghter B. This damn Nostalgia perfume which appears often in Chapter 8 C. Rorschachs ugly history D. The comedians motives and relationships.   The list goes on but we will discuss them later…

Yet I must say that I was fascinated with the chapter regarding Dr. Manhattan. The way in which his past is told by shifting suddenly through time really works for me. This chapter gives more insight into how Dr. Manhattan views the world in which he now sees in its truest forms. On page 14 of chapter 4 he explains “Now its June, A charity event with several costumed adventurers attending…friendly middle aged men who like to dress up. I have nothing in common with them.” Now I know this might be going out on a limb but the actions of Dr. Manhattan some way remind me of the movie “Liar Liar”. Dr. M.just does not have any reason or need to lie so his hope of having an actual relationship with anyone is impossible. Humans don’t want to know the truth. Especially if that truth goes beyond death and time itself. This goes back to my original theory that Dr M was nothing more than a massive weapon that needed to get laid. The picture on page 21 of Dr. M in a God like pose over the Vietnamese soldiers is very powerful and speaks volumes.  “an utmost religious awe” He is a godlike figure but with human tendencies. It seems that he still thinks like a human but is a walking God among insects.

Another thing I would like to bring up is the way in which Dr. Manhattan is forced to choose what events to change and which ones not too. “We are all puppets ” America thinks its the master of Dr. M but they are mistaken. If anyone has seen the 80’s  show “Quantum leap” this idea becomes a little more clear. Changing history can really screw things up and changing things for your own desires and personal benefits can lead you down a screwed up path. Just ask Marty McFly and that damn sports almanac.