Without trying to sound like a broken record, I will still say that this reading was one of the more difficult to break down and really digest the actually meaning or point behind Derrida’s ramblings. So Ive done my best with translating his ideas into something useful. I noticed that Derrida makes it a point early on in “Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences”, to get his idea of structure in terms that the audience can really grasp and understand. Yet, when Derrida tried to pass off “The center is at the center of the totality  and yet since the center does not belong to the totality, the totality has its center elsewhere” (915) as a way of explaining something I lost all faith that I would actually learn something from this reading. The only thing that I took away from this center rant was when he explains “in the absence of a center or origin, everything becomes discore.” That by looking past the center or structure of things we can see the big picture and really understand its meanings. I believe this text needs a serious second reading so after another Ginger Ale I’ll hopefully have more to update.