Right out of the box Saussaure decided to ‘sauce’ things up a little and get crazy. (Get it? His name is Sauusare and I said…nevermind) Anyway, he  takes a bold position right away by saying that speech is heterogeneuos, language is homogeneous and concrete as well. I could tell I had a lot to sort out here. What exactly was he trying to say?  After Saussure so kindly numbered his points in the first pages regarding his position on language and speech. He explains that language is a “social institution” And he also suggests that we need to “call in a new type of facts in order to illuminate the special nature of language” (page 961) Yet he keeps adding onto his outlook on what language is and keeps throwing in more and more. His thoughts regarding his new found science called ‘Semiology’ seems like a valuable idea. With all the different departments that study different aspects of language and linguistics it seems that this type of science would already be going on. Saussure explains that Semiology is a science that studies the life of signs within a society. I agree with Saussure that language has been studied improperly throughout the years and a shift in focus should be made. Many think of language in forms of literature, naming things and basic communication but Saussure wants everyone to see that there is WAY MORE to language than these basic ideas. His outlook on the way language should be studied does make alot of sense and was definitely easier to understand than those other two goofballs with the rhizome. It seems that speech and language are much more different than I thought and without each other can not exist in our socirty. Becasuse of these differences these two aspects of linguistics need to studied in a new way that has not been done before.