Throughout my English career there have been many authors and pieces of literature that sparked something in my mind and made me think “I want to be able to write like that”. Whether I realized this was happening or not is irrelevant but the fact is that certain pieces of literature were able to actually change my thought process and this idea was very powerful.  By studying English I hoped to improve my own writing as well as develop a better method of reading difficult authors. In high school these hopes were never realized but as I ventured through my college years, certain aspects of English were starting to become more clear. Shakespeare was an obvious choice for high school students to analyze and begin early forms of critisizm. Another piece that helped start this form of thinking was “The Canterbury Tales” which I read my first year of college. Yet, the difference between authors in high school and ones focused on at Saint Rose were incredibly different. It seems that the new pieces of literature have more substance to them. With authors such as Toni Morrisson, Virginia Woolfe, Charles Dickens and Oliver Goldsmith I realized that there was alot more to literature than I had expected. These books were not as one-dimensional as most lit. that I was getting used to. Barry’s approach to literature is very interesting and will most likely yeild more positive results as I begin to read new pieces of literature this semester.